Hacienda Concepcion Peru – Pacaya Samiria Cruise 6 Days / 5 Nights

Motor Vessel – Selva Viva Iquitos-Iquitos

All inclusive

Explored rivers: Itaya, Amazon, Marañon, Ucayali, Yarapa, Tapira

Discover the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the most important Peruvian national reserve, with its 2 billions of hectares. Reputed to be one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world, 250 fish species, 130 different mammals, 450 types of birds and 250 reptiles and amphibians at least can be found in its luxuriant vegetation and its waters of different colors! An Amazonian condensation for all the nature’s lovers…


  1. Rosana
    29/11/2015 12:33

    Aunty Pat4 September 2012Only things we have in our garedn are the occasional frog but we do have a woodpecker. I have visions of you ending up as prune covered in mosquito bites. Seriously sounds amazing and you are loving everything apart being the moquitoes supper.


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