As in Ecuador or Colombia, Peru offers a range of landscapes as diverse as splendid. From the desert coast swept by the breath of the Pacific to the confines of the Amazon, dense and humid, this country surprised us, conquered by its landscapes. Even if we have not explored every corner, we offer you an overview of the most beautiful landscapes we have encountered. Enjoy without moderation, warm in your sofa, hoping to make you salivate with envy and impatience of a trip there. | Peru Travel Experts – Originally based in Trujillo Y Chiclayo

The White Cordillera, at the top of Peru

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Peru being an Andean country, it is quite natural that we begin with the sublime white cordillera. Going up to over 6000 meters of altitude, it is a succession of snow-capped peaks that are linked together to form a breathtaking panorama. Attention, here nature is out of norms, sometimes violent and cruel but incredibly beautiful.

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Huaraz is an ideal base for visiting the surroundings. Day trips are available such as Laguna 69 or Laguna Churrup. And for the most courageous of the treks of several days can be organized with many agencies. The north of Peru, in general, is a treat, you can make a beautiful tour Peru through this region.

Colca Canyon

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Although it is robbed of the world’s deepest canyon to its neighbour the Cotahuasi Canyon (although it is only the second to a few meters away), it must no doubt splendid and more accessible in autonomy.

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To contemplate it in good conditions, take the time to make a trek of 3 days or more to make the tour. This type of landscape results from a slow erosion of water on the sedimentary rock. It is also one of the few places where you can easily observe condors, the largest birds on Earth. Other species less imposing but equally interesting (parrots, owls …) will delight the bird watching amateurs.

The Altiplano, the intoxication of the great spaces

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The Altiplano is an iconic landscape of South America. Altiplano means highland plains and is found around 3000 meters of altitude. It’s an austere landscape, naked, terribly hard for the vegetation that is discreet and shaved. It is the kingdom of camelids such as alpacas that appear as multiple mirages in these infinite expanses.

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It sublimates the earth and its treasures. Indeed, its soil abounds in various minerals and precious (gold, silver, lithium …). It is also in Bolivia that one finds very beautiful specimens of altiplano in particular in the south Lipez .

These plains are unique spaces, calling to fully realize the immensity of the world and to feel the intoxication of the horizontal depths.

Lake Titicaca, epicentre of Andean culture

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Mythical is the Lake Titicaca. Vibrant is the Lake Titicaca and authentic if you take the trouble to slightly offset. Beyond its size and its singular geography, the landscape sparkles thanks to its raw light. After all, we are 3812 meters above sea level, closer to the sun so much revered by the Incas.

It covers more than 8,000 square kilometres that are shared between Peru and Bolivia. Its waters come from 25 rivers and about forty islands dot it. It is known for those who are still inhabited or allegedly inhabited (attention to the false folklore that is sometimes used to tourists, in particular the floating islands of Uros).

The Salt works of Maras, the salt of the earth

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Terraces stuffed with salt, of an immaculate whiteness in the heart of the sacred valley while the ocean is far away? It is the almost hallucinated vision that the Salas de Maras offer. Outside of the harvest period, the terraces offer shades of greenish shades that contrast with the ochre of the earth.

It is a place so special that some do not hesitate to make their wedding photos there. Small grains of salt full of originality for this unique moment.

Chan Chan, a historical landscape shaped by man

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The dwellings in Chan Chan grow in spite of the common sense and the incongruity of their location. Although some corners are perfect for surfing, such as Huanchaco. But when it is a legendary city of a past civilization that stands in the middle of this sandy field, our opinion changes radically.

The site of Chan Chan of the Chimu civilization built in adobe between the 9th and the 15th century, sublimates these stony and monotonous stretches. It really fits into its environment and that’s why we added it to this landscape selection.

Paracas, between desert and ocean

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There are other desert sites in Peru that are worth a visit. This is the case of Paracas. Its jagged ribs have marine currents particularly favourable to the development of plankton and therefore to the proliferation of many species of fish and mammals. On one of the beaches of Paracas, we saw benches of dolphins a few meters from the shore.

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These places belong to the Paracas National Park which also hosts the Ballestas islands where one can observe sea lions and many birds. Unfortunately, they are a victim of their success .

The sacred valley, the emblematic landscape of Peru

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We could not speak of Peru without evoking the sacred valley and the Macchu Pichu. Between Pisac and Ollantaytambo extends the sacred valley which also includes very nice panoramas. Between gorges, historical sites and terraced fields, the Incas had chosen this site for its climate and its topography.

In this agricultural valley, what we liked very much are the many agricultural terraces. The different cultures in various colours form a patchwork of the most pleasing to the eye. Moreover, it is here that the Incas have made agronomic experiments particularly interesting for the time, as the Moray site shows.

Gocta and the Amazon, Wild Peru

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The Gocta waterfall in the region of Chachapoyas in the north of Peru, at the gates of Amazonia, reaches 771 meters. A hike of a few hours allows you to approach it and take a small shower. The power is such that when you approach you will be blown very quickly and soaked ( the proof in pictures! ).

The dense forest that makes up the path will also allow you to observe a very rare bird: the Gallito De Las Roscas . His flaming red head has a very special shape that gives the feeling that his eye is not really in the right place. We were able to see several, but unfortunately no photo drinking to show you …



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